Tips for Moving in the Winter

Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving is never fun, it is exhausting and chaotic at the best of times but when you try and move in the middle of winter the whole situation is even worse.  Most people move during the summer months, the kids are out of school and it is just easier for everyone.  For those few that get stuck moving during the colder months then here are some tips for moving in the winter.

Book Early

Winter or summer you should always book your removal van early, you may not be the only person moving that weekend.  You should also ask them about winter rates you can often negotiate a discount in the slower months.

Be Flexible in Scheduling

You have two issues that come with moving during the winter months, the first is that you have less daylight than you do in the summer.  It will be dark by 5pm so you may want to get everything done early in the day or even take two days to move.  The second problem is the weather, Mother Nature is rarely cooperative.  Moving in a blizzard or icy conditions can make it dangerous so use caution and be prepared to rearrange your dates.

Get Organized

It doesn’t matter what time of year you move, you should always be organized but with limited daylight hours it is even more important.  Getting packing early and clearly label all of the boxes.  Create a checklist to make sure you have everything, check with the removal company to see if there is anything they cannot or will not move.  Here are some tips to help you get organized.

Protect Your Floors

If there is snow and ice your floors at both locations can get messy and slippery.  You can also damage your floors dragging in salt, sand and water.  Put down some protection it will keep the floors from getting damaged and keep you and your movers from slipping and falling.  At the same time make sure that all of the pathways into both places are clear and the walkways are safe.

Hire a Reputable Removal Company

Moving isn’t fun nor is it cheap so make sure that you hire a professional home removals service that know what they are doing and won’t disappear with all of your stuff.  Check online reviews, get recommendations and find a company with the experience and the services that you need.  The right company can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your move go smoothly.

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